Research from the UK reveals that swearing can increase physical strength
The science is unclear but juries are being convinced that talcum powder is dangerous
Natural miracle oil combines a host of benefits into one daily dose
Controversial plans for the first brain transplant are underway
Researchers claim that beer is a more effective painkiller than paracetamol
The suggestion that diet sodas cause dementia is overhyped
New study proves benefits but warns of opposite effect on males
Modern life leaves little time for digestion, but we can offer a helping hand
Studies show that the time invested in running can yield a surprisingly high return
Move away from dairy products is now a cause for national concern
There's no bad way to be inspired
Inspiration comes in many forms; many are pre-packaged and gift wrapped; fed into our living rooms and into our lives as generally approved 'role models'. Others are cultivated in the greenhouse of organised, high stakes, full on competition. And sometimes its something so very minor and personal that no one else would notice. It really doesn't matter as long as something inspires you.
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